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Find information about career school or college licensing and regulation, requirements for maintaining a license including required reporting, appeal procedures, and school closures. Get information about school programs and performance. Find accreditation and financial aid resources.

Apply for a License or Exemption

Learn when you need a Certificate of Approval (license) or a licensing exemption for a new career school or college, or a new program or seminar, and how to apply.

Renew a License

Learn how and when to renew your school’s Certificate of Approval (license).

Learn About Ongoing Requirements for Licensed Schools

Find what your school must do to maintain your Certificate of Approval.

Learn About Annual Reporting Requirements

Identify when and how to submit your required reports, and what information is needed.

Research Post-Secondary Schools & Colleges

Find contact information and approved courses offered by a school, or compare course offerings in a particular type of training at multiple schools.

Report Changes

Identify which types of changes in school information, staffing or instructional content you must report to TWC and how to notify us.

Find Steps for Closing a School

Review actions you must take if you are considering closing your school.

Learn About Regulation & Enforcement

Learn how TWC enforces the law and rules for career schools and colleges, see what schools were ordered to cease operations, and learn how to submit a complaint.

Appeal a TWC Decision

Find everything you need to know about appealing a TWC decision about or sanction against your career school or college.


Explore accreditation resources. Accreditation is not required for a TWC Certificate of Approval but may be beneficial.

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