In this manual, references to DARS now refer to TWC. The manual includes both links to public content and links to content available only to staff.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Assistive Technology Training

1.1 Purpose and Location

(Revised 12/10)

Training is provided to prepare a DBS consumer to effectively use assistive technology in employment or in educational settings after high school. Assistive technology training is provided either on-site at the consumer's home or workplace or at a facility.

1.2 Overview of the DBS Curriculum

(Revised 12/10)

You, the assistive technology trainer, must use the DBS-established curriculum. The training is divided into self-contained, sequential units known as "modules," which have estimated times for completion.

Most modules take between eight and twelve hours to complete, depending on the abilities of the consumer and you. Each module has been designed to stand alone so that you and the counselor may target the modules that are most relevant.

1.3 Baseline Assessment

(Revised 12/10)

Before requesting specific assistive technology training, the employment assistance specialist (EAS) sometimes conducts a baseline assessment of the consumer's skills and knowledge. Conduct a baseline assessment using the guidelines contained in this manual to design an appropriate and effective schedule before training begins.

1.4 Post-Training Assessment

(Revised 12/10)

After authorized training has been completed, you must complete a post-training assessment to determine training effectiveness.

1.5 If More Training Hours Are Needed

(Revised 12/10)

The estimated completion time is noted at the beginning of each module. For more training hours, send a justification to the consumer's counselor if

The counselor can authorize up to 10 additional training hours per module. The field director can authorize an additional 10 hours per module. Any additional hours must be approved by the director of field services.

1.6 Problems with Equipment

(Revised 12/10)

If you have problems with equipment or software at the training site, contact the counselor or EAS immediately.

1.7 Questions about Training or Contracts

(Revised 12/10, 02/14)


For questions about training, contact the Assistive Technology Unit at or (512) 377-0310.


For questions about contracts, contact