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Chapter 16: Job Coach Services

16.1 Introduction

Job coaching is hands-on short-term training to assist consumers with job skills reinforcement and with reaching employment performance stability. Some organizations refer to job coaches as employment specialists.

16.2 Job Coach Services for Non-Supported Employment Consumers

Job coach services for non-supported employment consumers occur and are completed during the life of the VR case. This service is referred to as "general job coaching" to differentiate it from a similar function in the supported employment program of services.

"General job coaching" is potentially available to any VR consumer. The service is for consumers who need more specialized or intensive short- term training than is available from an employer or within a conventional rehabilitation facility.

16.3 Benefits to the Employer

The following are benefits of job coach services to the employer:

16.4 Providers of Job Coach Services

The following are examples of sources for provision of job coach services:

16.5 Other Job Coach Services

The VR counselor can approve other services to be provided by a job coach when these are necessary for a consumer to reach employment stability. Some examples of these services are:

16.6 Purchase Procedures

(Revised 7/3/06, 03/11, 02/12, 06/13)

The VR counselor reviews a potential job coach's résumé to confirm that he or she has the skills and experience to meet a consumer's needs and job situation. The DARS2012, Service Agreement, must be completed before services are initiated.

Counselors can approve reimbursement at a rate of up to $37.50 per hour, plus mileage.

Service hours limit: VR counselors may approve up to 250 hours of service per consumer. Field directors may approve an additional 100 hours if services are still needed for a consumer to reach job stability.

General job coaching services are purchased using VR funds. The estimated number of service hours is entered on the PO at the established reimbursement rate.

Before the counselor can approve the payment, the provider must submit a training report and daily travel and mileage logs at the completion of each segment of training.

Overnight travel must be approved in advance by the counselor and must be in accordance with the State of Texas Travel Guidelines.

16.7 Job Coach or OJT Fee?

VR can assist with offsetting an employer's costs to train a consumer either by paying an OJT fee or by providing a job coach, but not both unless the payments are for separate identifiable services.

16.8 General Job Coach Services or Supported Employment?

Employment specialists and job coaches are also used in the supported employment program of services. There are specific legislated program requirements in supported employment both during active VR services and after VR case closure. For details about supported employment see Chapter 30: Supported Employment.