As of 10/1/2017, this manual has been retired. For current policies, procedures, and standards for the Texas Workforce Commission Vocational Rehabilitation Division, please refer to the following manuals:

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Chapter 39: Post-Closure Services

(Revised 02/13 and 08/15)

39.1 Overview

Post-closure services are those services to assist the consumer in maintaining, regaining or advancing in employment after a consumer has been determined to be rehabilitated. The goal of post-closure services is to help consumers reach a level of

in the career of their choice.

39.1.1 Purpose

Consumers placed in jobs may experience problems, which emerge or persist after a period of time. Post-closure services are designed to

39.1.2 Policy

As part of the rehabilitation process, all consumers must be informed of

39.1.3 Eligibility

A consumer may be considered for post-closure services if the consumer

39.1.4 When to Reopen as a New Case

Consideration should be given to reopening the case in applicant status (02) if:

If the consumer will be reapplying for services and the paper case file is still at a DARS field office at the time of the request, the closed case file must be mailed to the receiving office within three days of the request for transfer.

If a consumer's closed case file has been transferred to the DARS Records Center, refer to the DARS Business Procedures Manual, Chapter 13: Records Management, 13.7 Records Retrieval, for the appropriate procedures to request the file.

Do not transfer a closed case from one caseload to another caseload in ReHabWorks

39.2 Procedure

  1. Mutually plan with the consumer post-closure services.
  2. If post-closure services are required at the time of case closure, close the case as successful and then reopen immediately by selecting Post-Closure Services in ReHabWorks and then complete a plan amendment. Use the VR Successful Closure with Post-Closure Services letter (DARS5209) located in ReHabWorks.
  3. If post-closure services are initiated at a later time, reopen by selecting the case closed as successful and selecting from the navigation menu in ReHabWorks, Post-Closure Services and then complete a plan amendment.

39.2.1 Comparable Services and Benefits

The counselor makes full use of all available comparable services and benefits, both public and private, to reduce or eliminate the need for payment for post-closure services and document the use accordingly.

39.3 Scope of Post-Closure Services

When post-employment services are necessary:

  1. complete an individualized plan for employment (IPE) amendment;
  2. provide a copy of the plan to the consumer (and representative, if any); and
  3. enclose a cover letter that includes the intent of the statements in the DARS5209, VR Successful Closure with Post-Employment Services letter.

When post-employment services are not necessary:

  1. notify the consumer in writing; and
  2. *include the intent of the statements in the sample letter, DARS5208, VR Successful Closure letter. This letter is an IPE amendment.*

*Based on CFR Sections 361.46(c)(1)(2)(3) and 361.56(d)

See Chapter 2: Intake, 2.1.16 Post-Closure Services and 2.1.17 Post-Closure Completed for guidance in determining whether post-employment services are necessary.

39.4 Transfer of Post-Closure Cases

The transfer of cases in status 32 will be handled in the same manner as a case in any other status. For more information, go to Chapter 40: Case Management, 40.4 Guidelines for Referral and Transfer of Cases.

The decision to end post-closure services should be

39.5 Closing a Case from Post-Closure

When closing a case from post-closure services, be sure that the problem that required post-closure services has been addressed.

Confirm that the consumer:

Note: In some cases, you must confirm that the consumer's condition or situation is such that post-closure services cannot help in maintaining employment.

To close a case from Post-Closure Services, select "Post-Closure Closure" navigation menu in ReHabWorks and complete the required information. Send a letter to the consumer (DARS5218, DBS Closure from Post-Closure Services Letter-VR, IL) confirming that the case will be closed within 30 days unless the consumer notifies DBS.