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This page contains information about programs and services that can benefit your business.

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1st Quarter 2014

New Reporting and Payment Requirements

Effective with the 1st quarter of 2014, all employers must report wages electronically and make their tax payments electronically unless they have been granted a hardship waiver for one or both requirements. Hardship waivers must be requested in writing and must explain why the waiver is necessary.

TWC offers employers and their representatives, two free electronic methods for filing reports: Unemployment Tax System (UTS) and QuickFile. For more information on electronic methods and available private company accounting software programs, go to our web-site at:

TWC offers three electronic methods for making payments: ACH Debit from a bank account, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Credit Card. For more information about electronic payments please go to our website at:

Please contact your local tax representative listed below, for additional information about filing your report or paying your taxes electronically. To find your closest tax office, please go to:

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4th Quarter 2013

Electronic Reporting

Filing reports electronically improves the accuracy and efficiency of quarterly wage report information. Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) offers employers and their representatives, two free electronic methods for filing reports:
Unemployment Tax Services and QuickFile. For more information on electronic methods please go to our web-site at:

Electronic Payments

Electronic payment of unemployment taxes is secure and assures prompt processing of payment information. TWC offers all employers three electronic methods for making payments: ACH Debit from a bank account, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Credit Card. For more information about electronic payments please go to our web-site at:

New Legislation - Misclassified Worker Penalty

Effective January 1, 2014, the Texas Unemployment Compensation Act authorizes TWC to assess a $200 per worker penalty for government contractors who misclassify their workers.

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3rd Quarter 2013

Posters in the Workplace

Various state and federal labor laws require employers to display posters at the workplace. Although these posters may be purchased from consultants, they are available, free of charge, from the governing agencies. Please visit our web site at to find a current list of available posters.

Unemployment Tax Registration - Acquisition Question

If you have acquired all or part of another TWC account, please enter the information in the acquisitions section of your registration. Texas law requires that we record an acquisition when you have acquired all or part, by any means, of the organization, trade, business, or workforce of another liable employer.

An acquisition includes:

  • Sole proprietor incorporating
  • Mergers
  • Re-organizations resulting in new legal entity
  • Transfer of employees to another entity

If you need assistance or have questions concerning acquisitions, please contact Tax Status at

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2nd Quarter 2013

Serving Those Who Served Us - Skills Training For Veterans

Post 9/11-era military veterans who are newly hired may be eligible to participate in the Texas Workforce Commission's newest training opportunity, Skills for Veterans, through their employers.

Private businesses, including private nonprofit hospitals, can apply to TWC for training offered by their local community or technical college, or the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX). The training upgrades skills of newly hired veterans who have returned home and entered the workforce. The grant pays up to $1,450 in tuition and fees to the college to be used in a 12-month period. This covers tuition and fees for training of eligible permanent, full-time employees.

For more information about , as well as an application, visit

For assistance or to contact a TWC Outreach and Project Development team member, email or call 877-463-1777.

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1st Quarter 2013

Minimizing UI Tax Rates

The Texas Workforce Commission encourages all Texas employers to take note of two ways you can help minimize increases to your unemployment tax rates. Frequently overlooked, is employer participation in The Attorney General's "new-hire" reporting system. This data-sharing is critical to helping TWC detect individuals that are receiving unemployment insurance (UI) benefits after they have returned to work.

In addition, employers can help by responding to the Request for Earnings Information notice. TWC conducts a quarterly wage check using individual wages reported by employers to the agency and cross checks those wages with individuals that are receiving UI benefits. If an individual was receiving UI benefits and an employer reported wages for the individual during the same quarter, TWC mails a "Request for Earnings Information" to the employer. The request is to determine if the individual was employed during week(s) claimed.

Failure to report new hires and/or respond to "Request for Earnings Information" can cause the undetected improper payment of benefits. These improper payments can lead to a higher tax rate. Tax rates are calculated based on the amount of benefits paid to your former employees along with a statewide factor that includes all benefit payments. Please help us avoid these overpayments and unnecessary impacts to your tax rate by helping TWC identify these overpayments. We will continue to work hard in keeping your tax rates at the lowest possible level.

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4th Quarter 2012

TWC Skills Training Grants Boost Competitiveness

Do you believe that a well-trained, highly skilled workforce can help a business increase its competitiveness? If so, then the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) has two training opportunities - the Skills Development Fund and Skills for Small Business - that can help boost competitiveness while providing workers the cutting-edge skills that your business requires.

You can learn more about these opportunities by visiting the TWC website at:

You also may call the Workforce Business Service Project Development Team at 877-463-1777 or email

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3rd Quarter 2012

TWC Unemployment Hearings New Feature - Online Registration

Employers now have two options available when registering for an unemployment hearing:

  1. Call in by phone during the 30 minute window provided in the hearing notice
  2. Register online during the 48 hour window prior to the scheduled hearing.

No matter the option you choose: you will always need your hearing case number.

If you elect to register online please visit and follow the instructions.

When registering online for your hearing, be sure to:

  1. Check the Case Hearing Details to make sure you are registering for the right hearing.
  2. Enter a valid telephone number, including the area code and any extension number, where you can be reached at the time of the hearing
  3. Enter on whose behalf you are appearing, usually Claimant or Employer.
  4. Check the information you entered to make sure it is correct before you Submit your registration.
  5. Write down the confirmation number you will receive when you Submit your registration.
  6. After you write down the confirmation number, click Finish to complete your registration.

Change any registration information prior to the hearing date by going to and following the Update instructions.

Reminder: if you have any problems registering online you can always dial 800-252-3749 to call in for your hearing.

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